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Terms of service:

This service is not regulated and MUST NOT be perceived "safe" Keep your safety in mind at all times. Do not travel with someone you don't trust (for any reason).

By using this service you agree that Commuting Communities (it's employees, officers, directors, trustees, representatives, agents, stock holders, or anyone working on behalf of, or associated with the company) is not responsible for your safety, comfort, or successful travel arrangements, of for any property, or any other liability with regard to use of this service.

Users, passengers and drivers, use this service make arrangements, and undertake journeys ("events") at their own risk, and are responsible for taking all necessary steps to safeguard their own safety.

All users must follow all applicable Federal, State, and local laws.

  1. All users acknowledge and are fully informed, or otherwise aware, that all travel carries with it inherent risks. Each and every user, passengers and drivers, fully assumes all those risks to person and property in connection with their participation in the above stated travel, or any other connection with this service, including, but not limited to, property damage and loss, bodily injuries, sickness, disease and death. Each user is responsible for themselves. Do not sue the other users, nor Commuting Communities for what occurs in connection to using this service!

  2. Drivers assure passenger (and Commuting Communities) that the vehicle being used for carpool/rideshare travel is licensed, inspected, insured and registered to the driver (and that all appropriate types/levels/degree thereof is obtained at all times). Commuting Communities does not accept any responsibility/liability for all user activity connected with this service.

  3. You must be 18 years of age to use this service. You must provide legal documentation to prove such (i.e. State Drivers License, DMV ID card, Passport, etc.).
    All users, passengers and drivers, must be in good physical and mental health to travel and do not have any physical or mental condition, which could affect their ability to travel.

  4. The drivers must ensure that they are not under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. There is a zero tolerance for drug impairment while using this service! Neither drivers nor passengers will participate in this service, regardless of prior agreement, if they have consumed drugs that impair your judgment to any degree.

  5. The drivers must show each passenger his or her legally obtained and non-expired Drivers License before permitting any passenger from entering the vehicle at the start of a journey.

  6. The passenger must show each driver some form of official photo-identification to each driver before entering the vehicle at the start of a journey.
    All the users, passengers and drivers, must have full consent from all other participants prior to smoking in the vehicle.
    All users, passengers and drivers, must have their own medical insurance coverage (and all other types of insurance) appropriate for their participation in carpool/rideshare travel. Commuting Communities does not, neither intentionally nor implied, provide any form of insurance to any users!

  7. All users, passengers and drivers, assures each other participant (and Commuting Communities) that they will not attempt to carpool travel with any contraband including but not limited to illegal drugs, firearms, or weapons.

  8. All users, passengers and drivers, assure each other participant that they will obey all applicable laws while carpool/rideshare traveling, including seatbelt, no alcohol/drug use or harassing of other passengers.

  9. All users, passengers and drivers, understand that if at anytime their behavior is deemed detrimental to the safety and security of any other participant (as determined by each and every participant, especially the driver), or to the property of any participant, this or all participants may be expelled from the vehicle at the closest rest stop/safe stopping location, without the driver or any other participant, and Commuting Communities, incurring any liability, or threat thereof.

  10. Commuting Communities only provides a service to assist participants identify each other. Assistance is through publicly accessible database, but the Commuting Communities does not provide/offer recommendations in any degree.

  11. All comments and other communication must be polite in language and tone, and must be legal. Dangerous "Hate Mail" is strongly NOT PERMITTED. Anything perceived illegal may be forwarded to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.

  12. Any un-lawful use of this service is not permitted. Commuting Communities will actively cooperate with all legal authorities to stop such conduct.

  13. Commuting Communities reserves the right to disclose information at its discretion to proper authorities whenever it considers such action appropriate.

  14. Correspondence may be monitored without your prior approval! Commuting Communities is very serious about maintaining a friendly courteous service. Troublemakers and abusers will be asked to stop using the service at any time.

  15. Commuting Communities may collect and share information regarding users conduct, such as sharing with PayPal (eBay, Inc.), which provides electronic payment services, or with other more traditional governmental enforcement agencies, such as local/state/federal police agencies, or any related Homeland Defense Agency, or other governmental agencies (especially the Internal Revenue Service).

  16. Each user must advise other users of any cancellation or delays of any arrangement as early as possible, and keep any user with whom an arrangement has been made informed of changes. Do not deliberately make arrangements that you will not fulfill.

  17. Any user, for any reason, may be asked by Commuting Communities to not use this service. Postings may be de-activated/deleted at anytime by Commuting Communities without notice to the user. Commuting Communities reserves the right in its absolute discretion to withdraw the use of the service, or the site, from any user without notice and without being required to provide reasons.

  18. Commuting Communities makes no warranties with respect to the service, the site, or any information therein.

  19. All data contained within this site, this valuable property, is 100% owned by Commuting Communities No use of this valuable information, however obtained, is allowable without prior written consent from Commuting Communities No user may use this service for any purpose other than making private travel arrangements. Commuting Communities retains copyright and database right in its database and in all material on the site.

  20. Commuting Communities is not responsible nor liable when participants do not fulfill their agreed upon commitments.

  21. There are many reasons the service you want and desire to have provided is not going to be provided, and in any of those situations you will not hold Commuting Communities responsible nor liable in any way.

  22. The site, available on an "as is basis", and users acknowledge that it is not technically practicable to guarantee such a service to be error-free. If any errors exist, or are found, they shall not constitute a breach of these terms, and shall not give rise to any liability.

  23. Commuting Communities makes all material published in good faith, but no liability is accepted for any errors, or for any losses that may be incurred if any information on the site or made available through the service is relied upon, or as a result of any arrangement.

  24. Commuting Communities may at its discretion and at any time contact any third party whose details have been provided to confirm the identity of any user, or otherwise for purposes connected with the use of this service.

  25. Contacting users and making postings are permitted only for personal use for the purpose of arranging a ride. Transportation companies or agencies, public or private, may make postings only by prior consent with Commuting Communities. In no case may emails be sent to members promoting a website or otherwise promoting a public or private venture or service.

  26. If any single part of this agreement is legally held to be invalid, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in force.

  27. This Terms of Service user Agreement may be modified at any time without notice. The user agrees to observe updates and amendments to these Terms of Service as a condition for continued use of the service.
    Commuting Communities does not accept responsibility, nor liability, for the acts and defaults of users.

  28. All users, passengers and drivers, must fully indemnify Commuting Communities against any liability (including the legal cost of successful defense or of a compromise) on the indemnity basis as a result of any claim being made against Commuting Communities or any other party, in relation to any use of the service by any user. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, we disclaim all warranties with respect to the service and any information thereon, either express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. In the event we will be liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damages which may arise in respect of this service, its use, or in respect of other equipment or property, or for loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings, all parties have been advised of and acknowledged the possibility of such loss.

  29. In the event that any exclusion contained in these terms shall be held to be invalid for any reason and Commuting Communities become liable for loss or damage that may lawfully be limited, such liability shall be limited to $2.00.

  30. Commuting Communities does not exclude liability for death or personal injury to the extent only that it arises as a result of negligence (or that of others for whose acts and defaults may be held liable).

  31. Subject to this Terms of Service agreement, if any user becomes dissatisfied with the service or the site, your remedy against Commuting Communities is to discontinue use of the service. You can do this at any time.

  32. This Terms of Service agreement, which applies to all users as well as Commuting Communities at all times, may significantly reduce your legal protections. This Agreement legally binds all users to fully and forever RELEASE, WAIVE AND DISCHARGE, and COVENANT NOT TO SUE, driver, passenger, and Commuting Communities (including, but not limited to, their employees, officers, directors, trustees, representatives, agents, stock holders, or anyone working on behalf of, or associated with) from and for any and all demands, claims, actions, suits, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, court costs and attorney's fees), from any cause whatsoever (including, but not limited to, travel delays, property damage and loss, bodily injuries, sickness, disease and death), directly or indirectly arising in connection with participation in the agreed travel plans, whether or not foreseeable or contributed to by the negligent acts or omission of driver or others.

  33. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement, and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreements, understandings and negotiations, regarding this subject matter. This Agreement (i) may not be amended, by course of conduct or otherwise, and (ii) may not be assigned, in whole or in part, except in writing duly executed by passenger, driver, and Commuting Communities This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia, without regard to any conflicts or choice of law principles, and shall be as broad and inclusive as permitted by such laws. If any provision of this Agreement is held unenforceable by a court, such unenforceability shall not affect any other provision, and this Agreement shall be construed as if such provision, to the extent of such unenforceability, had not been incorporated herein.

  34. By using this service, all users agree that no oral or written information given by or on behalf of Commuting Communities shall create a warranty or contract, or in any way increase the scope of Commuting Communities liability in any way. Users must not rely on any such information.

  35. By using this service you acknowledge you have read and fully understand this Agreement, intend that this Agreement be legally binding upon and enforceable against you and your family, estate, heirs and legal representatives, intend that this Agreement benefit Commuting Communities, and confirm that you are at least eighteen years old, fully competent, and entering into this agreement voluntarily of your own judgment.
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