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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ride2Event?

Ride2Event is a ridesharing service where one can offer or request a ride to a specific event or location. The costs related to the ride are calculated automatically and passengers share the cost. We are focusing on creating a critical mass of attendees to a specific event. Ridesharing will also lower the carbon footprint of an event.

Benefits to drivers

Ride2Event allows the driver to reduce the ride cost or alternatively, donate to their favorite charity in an ecological way.

Benefits to passengers

By sharing a ride you can save substantial cost of gas/fuel, Use fast track HOV lanes and reduce your carbon offset. It allows those who are unable to provide their own transportation to attend an event in an earth-friendly way.

Benefits to venues and event organizers

Ride2Event allows event organizers to provide a centralized ridesharing option and learn about the transportation needs of the event participants. Event organizers can join our affiliate program and earn money by referring users.

Benefits to charities

Ride2Event provides a simple way for donors to contribute to their favorite charities. Charities can apply by contacting us.

Benefits to artists and performers

It's a simple way for artists and performers to reduce the carbon footprint of their event. It's also a statement that you want to be part of the solution. To learn more about our artists program, please contact us.

Benefits to affiliates

Ticketing sites, event registration services, bloggers, et al. can join our revenue sharing program by linking to the event ridesharing page. Learn more about our affiliate program.

How it works step by step - Drivers

  1. Enter ride offer for the event
  2. Ride2Event matches relevant join requests
  3. Review requests and choose which passengers you want to invite
  4. Choose how you would like to be paid or to which charity you would like to contribute
  5. Arrange pick up details with passengers
  6. Receive confirmation when passenger complete payment
  7. Ride together to the event!
  8. Provide feedback about passengers
  9. Receive money through PayPal or receive donation confirmation

How it works step by step - Passengers

  1. Request a ride to an event
  2. Receive invitation sent by drivers
  3. Choose to accept a ride from a driver
  4. Arrange pick details
  5. Confirm and pay in advance for the ride
  6. Ride together to the event!
  7. Acknowledge ride and provide feedback

Where is this service available?

Ride2Event is available in USA, Canada and most of Europe. Please note that different laws may apply based on your location.

How are events created?

Events are updated through our affiliated sites. Event organizers who would like to add event listing are invited to do so.

What types of events are suitable for Ride2Event?

Any legal event is permitted and welcome!

Can I offer or request ride to both directions?

Yes. The system supports one way or round trip rides.

Can I offer ride to more than a single passenger?

Yes. The matching algorithm will present you with different alternatives. You can decide if you want to take one or more passengers.

How does the matching work?

The matching takes into consideration multiple elements such as location, distance, preferences, routes and travel time.

How do I know if it is safe to take a ride with someone?

Ride2Event service is not regulated and MUST NOT be perceived "safe". You must keep your safety in mind at all times. Do not travel with someone you don't trust.

Users may provide information about themselves, however Ride2Event cannot validate the information. You need to make a judgment call and decide if you would like to share a ride with someone.

Users, passengers and drivers are responsible for taking all necessary measures to safeguard their own safety. For more information please read the Terms of Service.

How can I learn more about prospect ride partners?

There are several ways of providing information about yourself and learning about others:

  • Adding a public personal profile in a social network such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, significantly increases your chances of finding a ride partner.
  • Uploading a photo.
  • Including a personal statement.

Do you verify information provided by users?

Ride2Event.com has no control over information provided by users. You may find another user's information to be offensive, harmful, inaccurate or deceptive. We cannot verify a user's identity and cannot guarantee any user's purported identity, picture, insurance, criminal record or traffic violations record, or the actual existence or identity of any listed vehicle.

Who can use this service?

You must be 18 years or older and declare that you have no criminal record or other legal issues that prevent you from using the service.

Is Ride2Event only for public events?

No, anyone can sponsor an "event", such as corporate events, weddings and arrange transportation through Ride2Event. For more information please contact us.

What is the cost of the service?

  • Registration to Ride2Event is free.
  • For passengers, the service cost is up to 50% of the ride cost, making it more cost and energy efficient than driving one's own car. Drivers can share up to 100% of the ride costs depending on the number of passengers they take.
  • Ride2Event charges a small service fee from the passenger (changes based on location and currency).
  • In addition Ride2event charges a 10% processing fee for each transaction (subject to changes).

How do you transfer the money?

Ride costs are charged using credit card or PayPal. Drivers are paid using PayPal money transfer.

When do you charge the money?

Money is charged immediately after the passenger accepts the driver's invitation to join the ride. Drivers are paid 3 days after the ride is completed and confirmed by the passenger.

What happen if the driver cancels the ride?

The full amount is paid back to the passenger.

What happen if the passenger cancels the ride?

If the cancellation is done before the ride takes place, then the full amount is paid back to the passenger.

How is the ride cost calculated?

The cost is automatically calculated based on the passenger's route. Ride2Event uses the distance between the passenger's pick up point and the destination as the basis for calculation.

For each country there is an average cost or other rates recognized by local tax authorities. Toll and parking costs are not included in the calculation and left at the passenger's discretion.

How do you charge passengers?

Ride2Event uses standard credit-card billing or online payment provided by PayPal. Credit card details are not saved in our database, and in fact do not reach our servers at all. Payments are processed through PayPal or other providers.

What should I do if the ride didn't take place?

If the driver did not show up, or you have any other reason why you think you should not pay your part in the ride cost sharing, you may file a dispute. If the driver agrees to the dispute, the disputed amount will be refunded. If the driver disagrees and no agreement can be met, the disputed amount will be donated to a charity of the driver's choice.

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